Glossy 3D Text Effects


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The lettering's surface can remind of glass, bubbles, lollipops, polished metal and plastic. It can pass for any of these materials. Isn't it versatility in its most glaring manifestation? 
Revealing a completely new side of your text is so easy and engaging! Give a try to this Photoshop text effect, sparking joy, spiced up with festive context. There are golden and silver text effects, carrying the tones of luxury, of course, but the cutest one is the pink cotton candy effect, it's soooo sweet! Anywho, we shouldn't have the favorites, we love all of our creations equally. The question is, will you appreciate them the same way? As your new headline, perhaps? Or the heading for the website banner? Turn on your creativity and the process will flow like a charm!
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 409 mb
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