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Interior Mockup Scene

3rd July 2019
Interior Mockup Scene
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The room where the flawless style reigns can be inhabited with your exclusive creations. You may ask 'how?' but we've foreseen your inquiry: this interior mockup scene is your elegant solution.

Our friends from Creatsy have granted us this mockup scene from their Fabric Factory v.10 "Upholsteries & Wallpapers" you should definitely check out! This one, in particular, has 3D functions of Photoshop, so don't forget to enable all the options while you're decorating your room. Even if the objects (except the lamp) are not movable, you can keep them and customize their color and design or just remove everything from the scene — do it the way you want. Detailed 3D models create a feeling of a real presence in this interior design masterpiece. Such a faultless means of textures and patterns showcasing will leave no room for doubt about the high-quality design!

Size:463 mb
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