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Free Fonts Collection

We carefully gather for you an extensive and varied collection of exclusive free typefaces: hand-drawn fonts, script fonts, retro fonts, modern fonts, and others. Each free font resource is brought to you in formats for Windows and Mac OS.

27 November 2017

As a designer, you should feel confident at any stage of your work, and we’re excited to provide you with a typeface, precisely crafted to showcase your strong, creative nature.

7 November 2017

Discover a font duo, bringing lightness and cleanliness of the modern typography trends. With its clean and brush variations at hand, be sure to transform your everyday projects into works of art.

11 407
6 November 2017

Whether you’re a baseball maniac or not, Fenway typeface is gonna catch your fancy. Script & Sans, it is perfectly imbued with retro vibe, bringing back to life American retro typography.

31 333
13 October 2017

The beauty of Asian fonts is inexhaustible, full of centuries-long charm and total power in every letter and stroke. Bahagia, a magnificent signature typeface sets a great example of that!

Pixelbuddha Plus

Weekly updates bringing the best design resources to boost up your workflow.

Discover Plus
28 September 2017

All the beauty and attractiveness of the vintage trends was covered by a typeface, living and breathing your creative aspirations and victories. Cover all your needs with a single click!

19 387
25 September 2017

From ordinary stuff to masterpieces! We invite you to discover a tender, yet so ecstatic script typeface, bringing some light aura of bloomy aerial watercolors.

5 079
4 September 2017

Discover the dogmas of the ancient design with a precisely designed font, made to copy the ancient typefaces. You think the Gothic style’s gone, but it’s still so high!

31 August 2017

Find yourself in open space and detect a typeface no one has ever seen before: fascinating vector galaxy-styled letters to bring you the taste of aerated Saturn rings!