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17 February 2017

Meet a tremendous hand-letter script font combining simplicity, pure style and conciseness to produce celebrity-like signatures every star would envy.


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13 February 2017

Get a set of professional actions and textures for Photoshop and rejoice yourself with retro-looking images that won’t remain inappreciable. Vintage has always been in vogue!

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13 February 2017

Time for a free version of Ballicons 3 to touch and taste how cool they are to use, to customize and to resize. Just perfect for a store, blog or whatever you can figure out.

9 February 2017

Probably, there is no project like Ballicons for us. Thanks the first icon set, launched in 2013 you’re reading this very article and virtue of the Ballicons exists PIxelbuddha as you know it.

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6 February 2017

Catch an awesome set of retro logo badges that obviously never get out of date. Based on the vintage engraving illustrations, these templates look genuine and unique.