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5 January 2018

Let your UI story begin with a set of 40 incredible flat icons brought in 3 styles! Finely designed, they will be a great face for your design project, perfectly covering its essentials.

3 January 2018

It’s metal and paint that is vibrant and gorgeous! Put them together, add a bit calligraphic art and discover the PSD typeface you may feel free to use for any projects you like.

27 December 2017

Do you want some flavor of ‘Bella Italia’? We have the best of it in Perfetto brush typeface! Dry stroked and hot-tempered, it must the best compliment to your designs, starving for passion and fire.

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22 December 2017

It’s good to get back to the origins and bring you some lettering, that’s perfect to attract attention. So, once we’ve seen Pikolo, we’ve realized it’s the kind of a typeface you must be missing.

21 December 2017

What was 2017 like? Was it sparkling, challenging and victorious? We hope it is! And we hope you're ready to remember the best freebies we've brought you this year!

19 December 2017

Are shadows that simple to craft? Doubt it! As a creative, you should be aware of how important it is to bring realism to your work, and there's no better way to do it than to add a shadow!