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Hi, we're Pixelbuddha, a design studio based in Gerogia, and we are happy to see you on our website. We offer a library of premium design resources available under the fllowing licensing terms. Once purchased, you perpetually own the license to the product.

Also, we offer a premium membership we called Pixelbuddha Plus. With an active membership, you can use all graphic design resources included in the Plus library under the following licensing terms, while your subscription is active.

By creating an account on Pixelbuddha website, you accept all the following terms. Please, read the entire document carefully, and decide whether you're willing to follow them or not. Please note that all our products and services are intended for people older than 18 years old. You cannot use the website if you're younger than 18 years old.

General Terms

Items purchased under the Standard License or downloaded with Pixelbuddha Plus Membership may be used to create End Products for Sale where lifetime sales of the End Product for Sale do not exceed 500 units. Items purchased under the Extended License may be used to create End Products for Sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times.


Usage Type 
Standard License 
Extended License 
Commercial Use
1 Project * 
1 Project * 
End Product for Sale
1 Project, up to 500 sales * 
1 Project, unlimited sales * 


All resources purchased in Pixelbuddha premium section or downloaded with Pixelbuddha Plus Membership are royalty-free for use in personal and commercial projects. You can download and modify these resources to use in your web design, UI/UX, or graphic design projects for personal, non-profitable, and commercial use, where End Products are intended to be sold online or offline on marketplaces, stocks, etc. Any End Product for commercial use must be significantly different than the original Resource, download from Pixelbuddha.


You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license, or offer our resources to any third party. This includes uploading our resources to other sites or media-sharing services and offering our resources as a separate attachment from any of your work.

Still Have Questions? Check our F.A.Q.

What projects are covered by a commercial license?

All projects that imply single-time profit are covered by a commercial license. It can be branding, advertising, identity concepts, packaging, logo design, merchandise (not for sale), home decor, charity projects, and more.


Goods for sale are covered as well, but if you sell more than 500 copies of the End Product for Sale, you need to acquire an extended licensing for unlimited sales.


If you have a different project and can't understand if it's covered by a commercial license or not, drop us a message at info@pixelbuddha.net, and we'll help you!

I want to use your resources for prints on t-shirts (mugs, bags, etc.) and then sell them on the marketplace. Do I need an extended license?

Every project meant to be listed for sale on the marketplace (online or offline) requires commercial or extended licensing. The difference between these two types of licensing is the allowed number of sold pieces: 500 pieces for a commercial license and an unlimited number of pieces for an extended license.


If you purchased a Premium item, you are accordingly provided with a commercial license.


If you are a Plus subscriber with an active membership, you are already provided with a commercial license.


Purchased separately, a commercial or extended license perpetually belongs to you.


If you want to get an extended license, you should contact the author of the item. Or you can message us at info@pixelbuddha.net, and we'll help you with that.

I subscribed to Pixelbuddha Plus/purchased a Premium item. Do I get the unrestricted enjoyment of the acquired items and can use them any way I need?

No, you can't. Pixelbuddha Plus and Premium items are covered by a commercial license, which allows up to 500 copies of the end product for sale. For Premium items, the commercial license is perpetual. For Plus items, you are granted the commercial license until you cancel your membership.


If you exceed 500 pieces, you should purchase an extended license.

I use a single resource to create multiple designs for different products (ex. t-shirts, hoodies, and bags). Do I need one license per resource or per every kind of item I produce?

You need an extended license for every item you create. So, if you create designs for t-shirts and hoodies for sale, you should provide yourself with 2 licenses, as these are considered 2 projects.

I want to use your mockup to showcase my own creative project for sale. Am I allowed to do that?

Of course, any presentation purposes are covered by our Commercial License.

I'm a Plus subscriber. Can I use the resources from the Plus section for my print projects for sale?

Yes, you can. But if the number of end products for sale surpasses 500 pieces, you'll need an extended license.

I used your Premium / Plus resources to create a cover for my e-book that I'll be selling online. Do I need an extended license?

Yes, you do. Similarly to various physical items created for sale (like mugs, caps and t-shirts,), an e-book also requires an extended license.

What does 1 project for premium resources stand for?

If made for sale, this is a single design for a t-shirt, tote bag, mug, etc. — i.e., if you want to use the purchased product for another design, you should purchase another license.


Alternatively, a single branding or packaging project, logo design for a client, advertising templates for a single campaign are considered 1 project.

I want to use the resources in the album art for a song to be released on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Do I need to acquire an extended license?

Yes, you do. Just like various physical items created for sale (like mugs, caps and t-shirts,), a video or music album cover also requires an extended license.

Do I need an extended license if I use a Premium or Plus Resource for packaging design?

No, you don't. Packaging projects are covered by the Commercial License that comes with all our Premium resources.

I want to use a font from your library to design a logo for a client. Do I need an extended license?

No, you don't. Commercial license is enough to use the resource for branding, advertising, identity concepts, packaging, logo design, and other projects that imply single-time profit.

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