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Become a Pixelbuddha Plus subscriber for only $10 per month and get access to extra content of premium quality. That means more outstanding freebies, crafted by the best industry's designers every week, special for you guys.

What does Pixelbuddha Plus membership do?

There are two categories of resources on Pixelbuddha. The regular one includes free items for everyone, and in the extended one, the resources are available for Plus subscribers only. However, as you join Plus, your membership also gives access to the most remarkable deals, trendy design goods, and exclusive time-limited offers for a price of a single premium product!

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Time-limited bonuses for Pixelbuddha Plus users

Along with an extended library of high-end design resources, Plus offers regular discounts, promo codes, and exclusive freebies to the subscribers. Just check your mailbox for the updates and news from the team!

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Super Delicious Price

For a reasonable price, Plus subscription gives you constant access to an extended library of the pro-level design resources.

Regular as The Sunrise

We weekly publish new content in the Plus section — which means that you regularly get new items to update your toolbox.

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Get your access to the richest collection of exclusive design goods for subscribers. Only hand-picked content of the highest quality.


$10 / month

Get your access to the richest collection of exclusive design goods. Only hand-picked content of the highest quality.



$59 / year

Save 50% with the Yearly plan and instantly fill your toolbox with all the necessary design resources.

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Still Have Questions?

How many resources are published for Plus Subscribers every month?

We publish 2 Plus products per week, and these are always of the highest-quality resources. It is sometimes hard to get such products for free distribution, but you can be sure to find them in our Plus section.

Why should I subscribe to Pixelbuddha Plus instead of investing in various bundles or so?

Only for $10 per month (or less than $5 with an annual subscription) you get access to a library of pro-grade resources. We analyze what may appeal to you and do our best to fill your toolbox with the essential, trendy items. You can resort to a convenient Plus catalog anytime instead of growing a huge archive. Finally, it's time-limited monthly bonuses that you get directly to your mailbox.

I still have questions to ask, what should I do?

You can always get in touch with us via email We will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our site and Plus membership.

What's the difference between monthly and annual subscription?

That's only about the price. If you get subscribed for a year, one month of membership will cost you less than $5. Exciting, isn't it?

Can I upgrade my monthly subscription plan to an annual one?

Sure, but first you'll have to cancel your current subscription, wait until the paid period expires, and then choose a new subscription plan.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure! Simply press «Cancel subscription» in your profile, and cancel the recurring payment from PayPal — and automatic prolongation will be stopped.

Do I need my PayPal account to purchase the subscription?

Yes, you do. Today you can purchase Plus subscription only with PayPal. However, it also enables you to pay with your credit card.

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