We publish tutorials and articles to improve your professional skills and help you not to miss anything important from the design industry

Pixelbuddha Journal

We publish tutorials and articles to improve your professional skills and help you not to miss anything important from the design industry.

40+ Fashion & Apparel Mockup Templates (Free & Paid)

An ultimate mockup selection that every fashion designer needs. Here we’ve got all kinds of realistic apparel mockups like labels and almost every piece of clothing.

How To Create Glitch Effect in Photoshop

Feel nostalgic and miss the good old 90s futurism? This glitch effect Photoshop tutorial will bring you the best of the legendary visual style.

How To Create Distressed Text in Photoshop

In love with grunge style? Master the distressed text effect, which is fundamental and the most popular visual technique.

Prism Photography Effect in Photoshop (Step by Step Tutorial)

Thinking about how to use a prism in photography as a designer? Create a prism photo effect and see its magic for yourself!

How To Make Photoshop Vintage Effect

Puzzled about how to make a photo look vintage? Create a photo filter to add vintage aesthetic whenever you need it!

How To Create Melting Text Effect in Photoshop

Make your text glow and flow with our newest melting text effect tutorial! All that's needed is some Photoshop magic and a pinch of creativity.

How To Create Photoshop Halftone Effect (18-Step Tutorial)

In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you how to create the halftone pattern with and make your first halftone effect in Photoshop.

How to Create a Poster Design with Neon Negative Photo Effect

Fascinated with the Neon Negative Photo Effect? This tutorial will teach you how to use it for an event poster design — all you'll need is the effect, some free fonts, and standard Photoshop filters.

1000+ Best Procreate Brushes

It's not a secret, that great brushes for Procreate app and various software are of particular interest for our team. We keep supporting our passion by working on new brush options and sharing other creators' works as freebies.

10+ Lesson Plan Free Google Docs Templates

Discover 10+ cool lesson plan Google Docs templates ready to use. Be sure to check them all out to find the best one for you.

40+ Best Free Stationery Mockup Templates

Upgrade your creative process with beautiful stationery mockups! There is hardly something better than beautiful stickers, pens, paper clips, and other things, brought together in the mockup scenes.

75+ Best Photoshop Text Effects & Styles

Neon, metal or retro — we have Photoshop text styles for all tastes and purposes. So if you need some typography, here go the best text effects for you!