When we talk about premium quality, we mean it. We’re at Pixelbuddha put all our expertise and skills in these design resources to deliver the highest quality and impressive variety.

Premium design goods

When we talk about premium quality, we mean it. We’re at Pixelbuddha put all our expertise and skills in these design resources to deliver the highest quality and impressive variety.

Print Showcase Mockup Bundle by Pixelbuddha

Print Showcase Mockup Bundle

There are 10 stationery and print mockups, dozens of PSD files and premade scenes, boosted with additional stylistic elements for an amazing branding or presentation!
45 Photoshop Effects Bundle by Pixelbuddha

45 Photoshop Effects Bundle

Infinite creativity comes in 45 photo effect variations. Choose where they'll teleport you: to the 90s with the glitch distortion, the 2010s with tech-inspired style, or wherever else!
Plot Twist Collage Creator by Pixelbuddha

Plot Twist Collage Creator

Compose the incredible plot twists with a collage creator, full of 1255 cutout elements of all sorts: people, animals, architecture, transport, nature, and more. Place them on the included backgrounds & paper textures!
Entire Shop Bundle 2022 by Pixelbuddha

Entire Shop Bundle

We are excited to introduce 240+ products of the highest quality, backed by super-seasoned designers who understand the market and the needs of different creative specialists.

Risograph Grain Effect for Photoshop

Our newly-made Risograph Grain Effect embraces the classic look and trendy vibes, which make it so irreplaceable in your toolbox.

Acid Motion Photoshop Kit

One punch of trippy melting shades, a dash of vivid glitches and here you are — looking at your craziest ideas come alive with an acid photo effect. Oh, and don't forget to spice them with saturated gradients!
Oil Painting Photo Effect by Pixelbuddha

Oil Painting Photo Effect

The next impressionistic masterpiece is going to be delivered with a photo effect for Photoshop, artistically switching an ordinary image into a vibrant, strokes-covered oil painting.
16 in One: Halftones Collection

16 in One: Halftones Collection

Detailed engraving, vintage letterpress, symmetric geometry, old-school bitmap, and many other halftone texture variations imaginable have found their home in our extensive collection of 16 photo effects!
Holographic Mood Textures by Pixelbuddha

Holographic Mood Textures

The holographic textures are a pure inspiration — many intertwined elements coming together to become a real work of art. The creative tools are already waiting here, so the next step is yours!

30 Hip Photo Effects Bundle

Set up a photo laboratory in your Photoshop! Mesmerizing oil paintings, awe-provoking halftones, epic cinematic brightness, artistic pencils, mixed media collages — eyes set to create with 30 photo effects.
Scissors Wizard: Paper Cutout Effect by Pixelbuddha

Scissors Wizard: Paper Cutout Effect

There's a chance to celebrate the inner child by crafting adorable paper cut-out collages! You get a supply of 18 layer style effects, paired with 12 realistic paper textures to get into the paper world.
Basic Pencil Photoshop Brushes by Pixelbuddha

Basic Pencil Photoshop Brushes

The collection of 25 Photoshop brushes is rich with pencil stroke options for hatching, shading, smudging, outlining and more. Use 8 included paper textures to test them out right away!
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