Geometric Shapes Social Media Templates

We're done with nude palettes and subtle Instagram aesthetics, so let's switch to something that strikes with color and joy!

INSTA-POP 90s Instagram Templates

Cute colorful Instagram templates come your way to diversify the monochrome feed! A real treasure for those who want to add some brightness to their accounts.

FERN — Social Media Templates

Reorganizing shelves at home is a relaxing activity. Do the same on your social media with these templates and get a similar refreshing feeling!

WILLOW Social Media Templates

Transform your Instagram page into a classy noir space! To do so, you should focus on the dim color palette (which looks so luxurious) and pick a pack of matching templates.

90s Pop Era Instagram Templates

This collection of Instagram templates is your portal to the 90s. Just like cargo pants, velvet, or neon tracksuits, but less weird.

Instagram Gradient Quotes for Canva & PS

If you find motivational quotes in Instagram cookie-cutter, you probably haven't seen truly beautiful ones. Rest assured, this pack will turn your expectations around!

InstaQuotes: Instagram Templates

Not sure what to post on your Instagram today? How about some unique ready-to-post story quotes? Here's the beautiful Instagram templates set that will make your job easier and your profile even more appealing!

Post & Story Instagram Templates

You're looking at a set of Instagram templates created for anyone who wants to enhance their profile, build a more streamlined look, leave a good impression on new followers, and spice it up a notch for old ones.

FLOSK Instagram Templates

Stand out from the mundane feed with a pack of new vivid and stylish Instagram templates! The concept has already been tested for the quality of impressions received. Your subs will love it!

Writers Instagram Templates

No matter how strong technologies have taken over the world, books are always the source of knowledge & inspiration. Tell about your favorite writer with these Instagram templates.

Empathy Social Media Templates

Pure vibrancy is right what you may discover with our social media templates. Create striking posts, make beautiful publications the one cant help liking, sharing or retweeting.

Film Frames Instagram Templates

It's even better than old Polaroid shots! Canva & Instagram templates open you the vast field of creativity options, packed in one single collection of film frame layouts.