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The Designer’s Vintage Treasure Chest – 99% Off

5th July 2017
The Designer’s Vintage Treasure Chest – 99% Off

Authenticity is the concept that is gonna fill your artworks. So many ancient volumes were studied, so many painting and engravings were taken off the museum walls to be scanned and vectorised for you. No fake retro, but pure, so sophisticated and beau monde vintage is hidden in Design Cuts treasure trove: 42 vintage fonts, rare vintage letterforms, textures, old papers, decorative elements, vintage brushes, old illustrations and handy vintage actions. It seems, that the most beautiful moments of the past have set in this bundle, that knows no equals - a real diamond in the design industry.

Thousands of these priceless vintage assets may get a part of your life and toolbox for only $29 instead of $2663 with an outstanding 99% discount. The extended license is also included, so feel free to use any of these magnificent products for commercial projects.


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