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The Influential Font Lover’s Library – 99% off

2nd August 2017
The Influential Font Lover’s Library – 99% off

470 is a magical number of the month, more enigmatic than the Masons’ sacral numerals. No occultism, you’re just gonna discover 470 unbeatable, incredibly commonly-used, multipurpose fonts from the authors you follow with amazement and marveling – just thing of the legendary Futura font family! The creation of Design Cuts team represents ultimate quality, embracing countless rejoicing features for comfortable, speedy workflow: a wide range of supporting weights, a huge array of language support are still not the full stop on the list.

No wordiness, it appears like a unique chance to own some of the world’s leading font families for an unprecedented price – $29 instead of $3465. Save up to 99% for the things you do like and provide yourself with the richest font collection ever along with an extended license for all commercial purposes possible.


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