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The Vibrant Textures, Patterns and Backgrounds Bundle

8th November 2017
The Vibrant Textures, Patterns and Backgrounds Bundle

If we risked putting all design assets in order of popularity, textures, patterns, and backgrounds would have definitely won. Perfectly bringing your style and personal aesthetics, they are able to transform products you enjoy into the ones you passionately adore — and that’s a tip the guys from Design Cuts were bearing in mind embracing the best goodies together.

Welcome textures from around the world, organic patterns, topographical gradients, African patterns, winter elements and so much more tied up together to make your designs breath and tremble. Frankly, brought with a mouth-watering 99% discount (cutting down the price from $2070 to $29) and an extended license included, all these fabulous assets will make your customers feel an absolute “WOW”. And is there any different effect a true designer may wish?


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