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The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle — 98% Off

20th March 2018
The Ultimate Creative Design Bundle — 98% Off

This spring is being too cold and nasty, so it’s high time to add some magic to it! Meet a selection of the most incredible, fascinating and essential design resources ever created and embraced in a single bundle by Design Cuts team. The artistic collection features gorgeous fonts and watercolors, stunning illustrations and effects packs and so much more to add a touch of genuine beauty to your projects and amaze the community, who, as it seems, have seen already everything!

The design treasures from such industry’s masters as Lisa Glanz, Callie Hegstrom, Ian Barnard, Eclectic Anthology are now in your hands — just like the magic stardust. And we’re happy to add, that this essential collection includes an extended license to bring you absolute creative freedom and an immense 98% discount: only $29 instead of regular $1309. That’s definitely worth checking!


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