Best Pixelbuddha Freebies of 2017

December 21, 2017

What was 2017 like? Was it sparkling, challenging and victorious? We hope it is! And we hope you're ready to remember the best freebies we've brought you this year!

What was 2017 like? Has anyone married? Moved to a tropical paradise?

Actually, that's not what we're about. 2017 was brilliant and design-flamed with thousands of freebies we brought to make YOUR daily workflow different. To gift you premium solutions and super creative ideas wherever you are — stuck on some web projects or crafting tons of invitations to your Mom and Dad's anniversary. And to feel absolute happiness every time, you pick us, and our products. And today, guess, the day has come to announce the 12 best freebies that YOU loved best of all. Let have it started?

Brownhill Script

The typeface of elegant lines and swashes was crafted by our talented friend Faisal Tanjung to bring you the vision of absolute beauty, accompanied with all designer's font features (full set of lower & uppercase letters, punctuation and numerals). A handwritten artist's dream, we'd call it so!

by Faisal Tanjung

Connoisseurs Typeface

Another typeface that's actually a masterpiece. It's airy and careless, making your posters and cards breath — without a single trait of regularity, it looks absolutely different. And that's probably the reason you've been picking it up again and again!

by Jun Herjuna

Hometown Vintage Effects Pack

A year without vintage is a year without spirit! Hometown Vintage is a proof of our words! Embracing coziest, most vibrant text effects we've been capable of it brings the mood to your lettering. And lettering with retro mood inside is a component that's to make your project shine, ain't it?

by Pixelbuddha team

Savage Animals Vector Bundle

Entire 22 vector animals and 44 fully editable badges inside — and they are imbued with American design, so savage and fierce, striving to make your logos and branding project power and energy you have in your heart.

by Tortugastudio

Miller Salt Font DUO

Inspired by marker lines on the glass, Miller Salt from Mellow Design Lab is a true treasure for those, who seek a typeface without formalities and canons. Free as the wind in the Scottish mountains, it is to complement your project with freedom as well — and gift you live awesomeness.

by Mellow Design Lab

3 Photoshop Gold Text Styles

It was Oscar, and we had as much fun as we could playing with its glamour and gold. It resulted in your well-loved text-styles, doomed to amazed, seduce and feel you wanna more and more gold. Finally, there's never enough gloss, so if you haven't yet, pick these three right now!

by Jonas Stensgaard

Perspective Scene Creator

One of the most beautiful scenes not only on Pixelbuddha, but, probably, in the global design library, and we're so happy and grateful you've brought it so much of your love and attention — it deserves all of it! Perfectly customizable, absolutely charming, it was made to bring your designs and your aesthetics in the most eye-catching way!

by Aleksey Belorukov

10 Memphis Style Patterns

Another trend we plonged into this year — Memphis! Started with an article and got so much inspired, that went on moving and brought you a set of Memphis patterns. Not the retro you know well, but pure, vibrant 80's with the color and contrasts in, and they are made to match just EVERYTHING, no limits or borders anywhere!

by Pixelbuddha team

10 Gold Foil Styles For AI

Being asked for more gold, we did our best and brought you the most beautiful variation — textures and styles from our friend Pink Coffie. Let your artworks shine like diamonds and sparkle like the king of metals, being (would you ever believe it?) a piece of chocolate foil at the beginning!

by Pink Coffie

Essential Branding Mockup Scene

Another scene in our top, and another striking work we're happy you've estimated. Made by talented Mockup Zone team, it is just perfect to showcase any design possible — from patterns to illustrations — or make a model of packaging, which is, guess, so essential when work on a client project.

by Mockup Zone

6 Abstract Vector Textures

A post without textures isn't worth reading, right? So here they are, our texture leaders, 6 abstract textures composed of thick paint and brush stroke! We knew you would love them, but it was a great surprise to see them enter your posters, packaging, stationary and even clothing design. And you still may check it out anytime you want!

by Mcraft Shop

Alivia Script Font

Last but not least! Beautiful, tender, December typeface Alivia's closing our list with its absolute charm! We remember how much of your love it has accumulated, and happy to bring it again, so calligraphic, that you can add to any project, as a lacking element of sophistication.

by Mellow Design Lab

Anything to Add?

Of course, there were much more of awesome products going live, and everyone we share with you day after day is, to be frank, doomed to succeed. So, let 2018 bring us all even more wonderful design goodies! And don't hesitate to tell us about your personal 2017 preferences — our comments are open to your feedback!

written by

Ksenia Pedchenko

Ksenia is our Audience and Plus membership curator. Getting in touch with Pixelbuddha? The possibility you’re talking to Ksenia is extremely high. Also, Ksenia is a regular author in the Pixelbuddha Journal, where she shares fresh news of the industry.