40+ Fashion & Apparel Mockup Templates (Free & Paid)

May 15, 2023

An ultimate mockup selection that every fashion designer needs. Here we’ve got all kinds of realistic apparel mockups like labels and almost every piece of clothing.

We want to present you the ultimate fashion mockup selection. We have collected here all kinds of beautiful apparel mockups produced by our cool design squad and our equally cool colleagues. These templates will be useful for you in creating your designs whether it's a hat, a tag, a hoodie or anything else. Would you like to see your clothing design in the store? Or maybe in a gift box? We have offers for every request.

A good mockup is an indispensable tool for a good designer, especially if that good designer deals with good fashion. But how do we start choosing those apparel mockups as there are so much around the web and even here we've got 40+ of ones? A good clothing mockup must be realistic. The color palette, the light and shade, the material from which a shirt or tag is made. All these things play a huge role, so pay attention to it.

These apparel mockups are useful not only to showcase your work to clients, but also in the final stages of your design. Are the colors, fonts, letter sizes, and graphics appropriate? A good mockup will answer all these questions. So, without further ado, let's get into it.


Apparel Label Tag Mockup

Let's start with a label tab mockup. The main advantage of this mockup is its realism. You can literally feel the tag, see its every roughness. And, as I said before, it's a crucial matter if we are talking about apparel mockups. It comes in the PSD file with Smart Objects, so all you need is to upload your design and enjoy the work you've done ;)

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Puffer Coat Label Tag Mockup

Sweatshirt Label Mockup

T-Shirt Mockup: Box Edition

One of my and our audience's favorite t-shirt mockups. You have an excellent opportunity to showcase your design in the gift box. You can edit the image in a couple of seconds (thanks God and Smart Layers) and this apparel mockup comes as print-ready (300 DPI) PSD file.

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Exquisite Fabric Logo Mockup

Men in Hoodie Mockup

Elegant Label Mockup

Here we have Princess of Wales Catherine of the apparel mockups world (she is one of the most elegant princesses in the world, I googled it). Even a simple label can breath a special luxury and splendor into the products, and if you want to create one, this mockup is for you.

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Outwear Suede Logo Mockup

Men’s Hoodie PSD Mockup

Winter Hat Mockup

We are pleased to share with you this realistic winter hat mockup which will help you showcase your fashion branding designs. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the Smart Layers, hit the save button and here you go. This apparel mockup will make you design process much easier, trust me. Have fun <3

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Loose Fit T-Shirt Mockup

Craft Label Tag Mockup

Summer Dress Mockup

Summer, summer, summer! Beautiful season for beautiful dresses. Here we have a simple yet realistic sleeveless dress mockup created in high resolution. It's extremely easy to use (praise the guy who invented Smart Objects). This apparel mockup comes in PSD file which makes it incredibly versatile.

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Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

Label Tag Mockup

Infinity Color T-Shirt Mockups

4 scenes of photorealistic mockup are at your service. You can change backgrounds and colors in a second to make the showcase of your designs even easier. Once you start using this mockup you will notice that you spend less time on simple routine and more time on creativity.

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Pocket T-Shirt Mockups

Men T-Shirt Mockups Collection

Crewneck Sweatshirt Mockups

So, what about winterwear? Sweaters are getting much attention these days, and sweatshirt designs can help you find some new clients. This apparel mockup is fully editable with custom colors, so you can experiment and find a new design solution that will make your artwork shine!

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Clothes Label Tags PSD Mockups

Winter Gloves Mockup Set

Full Cap Mockup Set

An extremely versatile apparel mockup set. Using these templates you can see your design from every angle possible and a wide variety of cloth textures and color add some extra points to this mockup set. It comes in JPG and PSD files, which, as you know, is great.

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Tote Bag Mockups

Longline T-Shirt Mockup Set

Slip-On Shoes Mockup Set

Need to showcase your slip-on design? This apparel mockup is your desire. It's a clean photorealistic image. I bet you couldn't tell it was a mockup and not a real shot from an online store. As usual, the PSD file is at your service, so add this mockup to your toolbox and start mastering the slip-on shoes designs.

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Mens Hoodie Mockup

Embroidered Badge Mockup

Backpack Mockup Set

Backpacks are one of the most handy and cool-looking accessories and there aren’t many good backpack mockups put there. So, we want to present you a fully customizable mockup template for you products. Change colors and patterns, apply gradients, modify or remove badges and labels with ease.

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Men T-Shirt Mockup Set

Woman T-Shirt Mockup

Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups

T-shirt designs are the most popular designs in the apparel market, so we are here to present you a set of 2 stunning t-shirt mockups which I, personally, love. As I said in intro, realism is the key and these templates won't let you down. You can change both color and a texture of a t-shirt, thanks to PSD file.

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Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups

Enamel Pin Badge Mockup

Tote Bag Mockup Set

Tote bags have gained huge popularity and the past few years, and we can't leave you without the best showcase tool for them. Its verisimilitude is immeasurable it is fully editable due to Smart Objects, so you can apply any illustration in any color in few clicks. This apparel mockup comes in a PDS file. Enjoy ;)

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Enamel Pin Mockups Set

Basketball Logo Mockups

Different Colors Free T-Shirt Mockup

This free (!!!) apparel mockup comes in 2 styles — light and dark, so you can easily showcase both sides of you designer's view. It has a simple background to attract all client's attention to the design itself. This set features Smart Layers which means you can run it anywhere you like and tweak it in any way you like.

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T-Shirts PSD Mockup

Button Badge Mockup

T-Shirt With Tag Mockup

Use this customizable PSD to showcase your apparel designs. This scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Render. If you’re going to use it for personal needs feel free to unleash your creativity. It also features Smart Objects (you know what it means). Truely a nice addition to your toolbox.

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