How to Create a Poster Design with Neon Negative Photo Effect

January 16, 2023

Fascinated with the Neon Negative Photo Effect? This tutorial will teach you how to use it for an event poster design — all you'll need is the effect, some free fonts, and standard Photoshop filters.

If you are stunned by the underground aesthetic and want to try something of the kind, now is the time! We've made the process as simple as possible, and inspiration will be your key ingredient. And the Neon Negative Photo Effect. The rest is already provided. Ready to go?

If you prefer to learn by watching video, check our YouTube channel:

Video Tutorial

Here are the assets which you need to finish the tutorial:

Using Neon Negative Photo Effect

Step 1 Lets start by opening the Vertical.psd file in Adobe Photoshop and then Right Click — Edit Contents on the top layer.

Neon Negative Photo Effect

Something good is cooking up in this darkroom — the intricate film processing with 5 negative photo effects and 35 gradients has begun!

Step 2 — Go to File > Place Linked/Embedded and put our image above all the layers. After that, close and save this window.
Step 3 — Now we can select one of the main effects in the Layers Panel just by making layers visible. I chose “Effect 4”, but you can try other options as well.
Step 4 — Let’s add a gradient effect! Double Click on the “Color” layer icon and then Click on the gradient strip.
Step 5 — Hit the Import button and select the Neon Gradients from the Neon Negative Photo Effect folder.
Step 6 — Now we can select the color effect. Try different gradients and choose the one you like more. I selected the gradient number 18.
Step 7 — We are ready to create our poster. Make the “textures” layer Invisible (we’ll use it later) and then create a new document with the following settings: 2480x3508 px; 300 dpi.
Step 8 — Open our Negative Neon Effect again and use Shift-Control-Alt-E to merge all the visible layers, then drag and drop this new image and “Textures” folder to a to our empty document.
Step 9 — Select our image and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontally.
Step 10 — Let’s add a filter to our image, to accentuate the face. Go to Filter > Blur Gallery > Iris Blur. Place the frame around the face and set the amount to about 40 percent.
Step 11 — Now we need to create a guide layout. Go to View > New Guide Layout and use the following settings: Columns: 1; Rows: 1; Margin: 150 px to all sides.
Step 12 — Create a main title “HOUSE” using our font and set the size to 168, then place it in the top left corner of our document.
Step 13 — After that add a date of your event, set the size to 48 and put it in the top right corner.
Step 14 — Let’s add a place name below the main title. We’ll use our second font with size set to 28. Put this text 90 px down from the main title.
Step 15 — Add artist lineup using the first font, set the size to 24 and change the Leading to 34. Place this text in the right side of the document, 1200 px down from the name of the bar.
Step 16 — Add the time of your event with the size set to 72 and place it to the bottom left corner.
Step 17 — And finally let’s add a link to our website in the bottom right corner with size set to 24.
Step 18 — Now let’s accentuate the main title and website link by changing the Blending Mode to Overlay.
Step 19 — Make the textures layer Visible, then hit Control-T and move and resize the textures to the borders of our image.
Step 20 — Change the Opacity of the “Textures” group to 50%, after that change the Opacity of the second texture to 50%.
Step 21 — And finally, you can change the size and position of your main image using the Control-T keys combination, if you want to change the overall composition.
Our poster is ready! Try different color options if you want to change the final look of your design.

Subway Train Poster Mockup

If you are looking for quality mockups for your designs, check out our freebies and Plus items. For example, for this tutorial, we used the Subway Train Poster Mockup.

written by

Ivan Gromov

Ivan is a Photoshop tutor and stock graphic designer who loves to create textures, templates, and all kinds of effects and tools for Adobe Photoshop. Be sure to check all his exclusive tutorials for Pixelbuddha!

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