Styled Blackboard Sign Mockup: 3 Ways to Use

January 19, 2021

To feature your design work or to create a uniform style for your blog posts — today, our featured premium design resource is versatile enough to cover these goals or even more.

To feature your design work or to create a uniform style for your blog posts — today, our featured premium design resource is versatile enough to cover these goals or even more. Indeed, a well-designed blackboard-styled mockup can be a bargaining chip for different creative professionals and hobbyists to use in multiple ways.

Within the download, you'll receive a Photoshop mockup with Smart Object. There is also a help file coming along — so you always have an instruction to resort to if you are stuck (though the process is actually so simple!).

So well, you've got a couple of designs on your mind. Just let us share a couple of tips on how you can use the imagery featuring these free design elements and benefit from it!

Advertise Your Design Services

Consumers react positively to products and services when they can see them in action. Consider using the suggested styled stock photograph to showcase your design products and services to make a positive impression. To achieve this, for instance, consider applying your best logo design to the free blackboard mockup.

Displaying your design outcomes in this way will catch people’s attention while showing them how they could creatively use their epic new logo (designed by you, of course) down the road.

Once you’re happy with the result of your design advertisement, include it within the service page on your website. If you advertise your design services through Etsy or another eCommerce platform, use it as a product listing photograph.

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Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics

Mockups are a cost and time-effective alternative to taking photos yourself. Existing graphics, stock photos, and customizable templates allow you to save time on photoshoots and the editing process afterward. Better yet, when you can find free design mockups, literally the only thing it will cost is your time.

As a general rule, social media posts with imagery outperform those without any. And to get the most from every platform, it’s best to post consistently — meaning you burn through images very quickly. A customizable mockup like the styled blackboard sign enables you to frequently use one graphic without your home pages becoming stale and predictable.

Simply add relevant text depending on the information you wish to distribute via social media. You could even create a weekly feature that reuses this image, such as ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ or ‘Fun-fact Friday.’ In this case, your social media followers and subscribers will expect to see the same image weekly. Plus, you will then have a focused weekly post to include in your content strategy.

Blog Post Featured Images

Blog post featured images, and social media posts are very similar. On the plus side, your content will perform better if you include them, but on the downside, you can burn through stock images quickly without a measured approach. To avoid the negatives while taking advantage of the positives, consider a weekly feature approach.

As you can use the same image for a weekly social media feature, blog readers almost expect to see a similar featured image customized for each blog post. Many bloggers do this because it’s a fantastic way of establishing a brand identity. As the blackboard mockup is customizable, you can change the text to display every new blog post’s title. And voila, that’s one featured image slightly customized for each blog post!

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