How to Create Illustration With Artista Procreate Brushes

December 27, 2021

Don’t be afraid to embark on a new illustration, even if you don’t have any experience! Procreate app provides a smooth workflow, while our Artista Brushes do the rest for you.

Creative experiments are within the arm’s reach, you just need to know where to look. Pointing you to the right direction with our collection of Procreate brushes, encompassing spray, stroke, pencil, sketch and texture strokes. What painting can do without a paper? It has been also included in the kit as 10 canvases, so you’re all set!
The abundance of brushes might bear the fear of a blank paper sheet — such a widespread thing for many drawing enthusiasts. We offer you an efficient solution to the problem: try to follow this step-by-step tutorial, teaching how to create a cute illustration in Procreate. But before plunging into the process, be sure to have yourself a copy of Artista Procreate Brushes purchased and installed on your iPad. 
Step 1 - Select any of 10 brushes for sketching and create the outlines of future artwork. The brush used for this illustration is called Sketch 4, but you can use any of the provided ones.
Step 2 - Using the brush Texture 19, fill the sketch with color. Mind that the overlapping strokes create a thicker fill while the outlines remain cloudy and light. Divide the objects of your illustration into layers. As you can see from this screenshot, the objects are split into 2 layers — Whale and Girl
Step 3 - The next step is about adding some noise. It's done with the brushes Spray 2 and Hatch 6, but we've not just added the texture with different shades for every color sample. We also took some slightly contrasting colors and used them to work on the image's light and shadows. As a result, the illustration has obtained volume! 
Every object's color fill requires a new layer, don't forget about it. To avoid getting out of the drawing's fill, apply Clipping Mask to the layers: click the layer's thumbnail and pick the required action from the dropped-down menu. 
Step 4 - Create a new layer. Using the brush Hatch 3 add some texture to the girl's hair; pick the brush Sketch 4 to achieve a brighter contour for the illustration. 
Step 5 - Create another layer and place it under all the illustration's layers. It's time to carry out a rough background using the brush Texture 23. When you're done, polish the look with a lighter texture, applying the Pencil 3 brush of a slightly darker shade, imitating a graphic pencil's hatching. 
Step 6 - To enhance the illustration's brightness and volume, take the brush Spray 6. Take a lighter or darker tone to highlight the shadows and light areas in the image. Note: every new action requires a new layer: noise, shadows, light, and so on. 
Step 7 - Play around with the layers' blending mode and opacity from Step 6
Step 8 - The last touch! Use the ready-made paper textures from Artista Procreate Brushes. Apply them to your illustration, changing the layer's mode and opacity. 
This illustration was created with Texture 1 and Texture 9, having the following settings: Divide mode (opacity 61%) and Soft Light (opacity 35%). The textures' edges were removed with an eraser. Some additional strokes were placed with Texture 19 brush. 
Step 9 - Let's work on the illustration's background texture. Fill the artboard with a light grey color, then define the area around the painting with the brush Spray 7 of a slightly darker shade than the background. The blending mode has to be changed to Soft Light. Apply Texture 1 with an opacity of 15% to deliver more aesthetics. 
Step 10 - The artwork's done! Continue to bring any artistic ideas to life with Artista Procreate Brushes, featuring all the necessary tools for crafting an eye-pleasing digital illustration.

All sorts of textures and stroke styles await in our collection of Procreate brushes: dare to explore their potential, while creating astounding graphic masterpieces and goofy little sketches. Remember to try out various layer styles and modes as well to unlock more creative combinations! Don't worry about replacing the actual drawing materials with this set of brushes: they're made to look genuine, realitsic and behave like the actual pencils, brushes, spray and sponge strokes on paper.

Artista Procreate Brushes

Drawing on paper can hardly be replaced by digital equivalents. But you can be sure about this set of Procreate Brushes, imitating the physical drawing tools!

How to Create Illustration with Artista Procreate Brushes

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