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The All-Purpose Modern Design Bundle

10th May 2017
The All-Purpose Modern Design Bundle

When a kid, you probably dreamed of eating only candies. But luckily you’ve grown up, and you know better than anyone else, that what a human needs is diversity, and it concerns everything, especially the products you use for your artworks. And the guys from Design Cuts actually feel it. The brand-new bundle brings the very best time-saving tools and career-expanding resources - from mockup templates and infographics to social media templates and graphics. To put it in a nutshell, it appears to be the biggest collection ever, where every single product is both precisely and lovingly crafted.

The price for this unbeatable bundle can’t help rejoicing us - $29 instead of $4988 (and it makes 99% off and a huge WOW!) with the extended license for the commercial projects included.


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