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The Comprehensive Texture and Patterns Collection

24th May 2017
The Comprehensive Texture and Patterns Collection

After a hard research, our colleagues from Design Cuts have come to a conclusion, that the product, which is always missing across the full range of contexts you may figure out is textures. And patterns.

That’s why they’ve given credence to your problems and checked your wish lists - to bring you beautifully crafted and most requested assets of this kind. Meet rough vector textures, cardboard, felt, craft, fabrics, colorful patterns, vintage papers, natural backgrounds and even 3D patterns in the most varied textures and patterns bundle ever.

How much should you pay for this miracle? No need to raid a piggy bank - the price for this impressive bundle is only $29 instead of $2,457. Have you ever bought anything with 99% discount and the extended license included? Guess, not.


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