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The Hugely Versatile Vector Bundle — 99% Off

6th February 2018
The Hugely Versatile Vector Bundle — 99% Off

Time to re-build and reconsider your design philosophy by complementing your toolbox with fresh, ultra versatile and essential vector assets! Produced by masters of design, selected and embraced together by Design Cuts team, these incredible brushes, retro graphics, illustrations and so much more are to take your side whether you’re to deal with a super tricky project or some heart-warming, romantic St.Valentine’s design.

All these perfectly crafted resources are your great helpers and time-savers wherever you go, and getting them with 99% discount may seem weird and impossible, but it’s totally true! Have your best vector graphic bundle for only $29 instead of $3151 (oh, that’s a lot indeed!) and accompany it with an extended license for your daring creative outbursts.


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