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Vibrant, Artistic Design Bundle

19th July 2017
Vibrant, Artistic Design Bundle

Artist, creator, illustrator, designer – so many words describe one of the most romantic jobs ever. Creativity is in your blood and genes; you see ultimate beauty and inspiration all around and, finally, you know how to transform everyday objects – from a stamp to an aircraft – into a piece of high art. Design Cuts team appreciates your talent and all the efforts you make to approach the misty image of perfection. Discover hand-drawn illustrations, floral designs, patterns, innovative brush packs, textures, watercolor packs crafted with the greatest passion by leading creatives of the industry.

Thousands of assets are to bring you countless hours of joy and brilliant, smooth workflow. Sure, no need to worry about the price paid – unbeatable 98% discount, $29 instead of $1717 and an extended license included turn an irresistible bundle into an irreplaceable purchase of the month!


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