Sketching Watercolor Procreate Brushes


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Just as waterdrops breathe life into the dry sheets of pressed paper, these watercolor brushes revive the entire artistic process on your iPad. 
Watercolor-based illustrations and quick sketches come in a remastered format! With a kit of 40 Procreate brushes, you can set the soft pigments free into your digital canvas. They precisely repeat the actual brushes behavior on paper, allowing you to alternate between leaking, dry, light, and heavy stokes. Every drawing and stamp brush flits on 3 paper texture canvases, imitating degrees of the paper press: hot, cold and rough. Now you can portray absolutely any scenery, having tamed the unrestrained spirit of liquid paint holds.
This resource is created, and fully compatible with Procreate. For the best experience, we recommend to use the latest version of the app.
  • Size: 362 mb