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Copier Texture Effect

This photo effect is your teleport to the 2000s! With its help you get a chance to copy your hands, face, or anything else. Or create graphics that perfectly imitates those old-school copies.
Patch Embroidery Mockup by Pixelbuddha

Patch Embroidery Mockup

While the little scouts get patches for good deeds and tied knots, your reward will be this patch embroidery mockup and a flawlessly-made branding project or a beautiful presentation.

Sharp Steel Logo Mockup

Caring about the representative face of a company and its perception in the market, you better get stacked on bold templates like this one, serving as text effect and logo mockup.

Yellow Glowing Logo Mockup

Glow, kindness, sweetness — the metalanguage of glowing yellow color, increasing the value of anything. Add it into your branding project with this logo mockup and let there only be sunny days for your designs!
45 Photoshop Effects Bundle by Pixelbuddha

45 Photoshop Effects Bundle

Infinite creativity comes in 45 photo effect variations. Choose where they'll teleport you: to the 90s with the glitch distortion, the 2010s with tech-inspired style, or wherever else!

Yellow Light Text Effect

We are sure your typography and logos should shine as bright as possible. So we've made this text effect able to light them up!
Plastic Textures Collection by Pixelbuddha

Plastic Textures Collection

While others were getting rid of the used plastic bags, ziplocks & bubble wrap, our dreamy minds decided to organize it all into a digital reincarnation of transparent plastic textures.

Wall Mosaic Photo Effect

You are invited to transform your artistic craving into an exquisite piece of art! True, that's what a good mosaic is worth, and now you'll have a tool to create one!
How to Create Poster Design with Chromatic Glitch Text Effect

How to Create Poster Design with Chromatic Glitch Text Effect

Crossbreeding various visual techniques is a great exercise for discovering refreshing, standing out ideas. In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll find yourself composing a grunge poster with shattered glitch text.

Glitch Damage Photo Effect

The dreamy waves of glitching screen have always been a little fascinating, don’t you think? We’re sure you have some photos, that would look cooler with a glitch photo effect like this one!
Print Showcase Mockup Bundle by Pixelbuddha

Print Showcase Mockup Bundle

There are 10 stationery and print mockups, dozens of PSD files and premade scenes, boosted with additional stylistic elements for an amazing branding or presentation!