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Lipstick Logo Mockup

Imagine how awesome it would be, having one lipstick with an infinite amount of shades! From smoking red to tender nude colors — all featured in this free mockup scene to be used for any branding presentation.

Enamel Pin Badge Mockup

Something stunning goes here: enamel pins with a cardboard backing that makes them so realistic! If you haven't tried making pins yet, that's a great tool to begin with!

Instagram Gradient Quotes for Canva & PS

If you find motivational quotes in Instagram cookie-cutter, you probably haven't seen truly beautiful ones. Rest assured, this pack will turn your expectations around!
Acid Pixel Art Effect by Pixelbuddha

Acid Pixel Art Effect

The only thing that’s surely much easier than developing a game is crafting a pixelated version of yourself with this vintage, 8bit photo effect for Photoshop. Comes with extra gradients and patterns!

Pencil Sketch Text Effect

Sketches have become even easier! Bet you’re all geared up to try out this pencil text effect, adding realistic and straight scribbles to any type of graphics.

Foil Press Logo Mockup

Make sure your branding’s calling card is a tasteful graphic design showcase, so the potential clients and target audience see only the best of you. Start with this logo mockup to see what we mean.
Oil Painting Photo Effect by Pixelbuddha

Oil Painting Photo Effect

The next impressionistic masterpiece is going to be delivered with a photo effect for Photoshop, artistically switching an ordinary image into a vibrant, strokes-covered oil painting.

French Lovers: Sans & Script Duo

The sans and script font combination is a timeless classic, yet we can't get enough of it! So meet some of its classiest variations bringing together reserved and elegant vibes.

Retro Photo Effect

Old pictures possess immense nostalgic power, able to bring tears even to the toughest cookies out there. But what makes the vintage shots unique, and can the one ever make them purposefully?

Gold Glitter Text Effect

Oops, someone has dropped a palette of glitter shimmer into the scene! Luckily for you, there will be no mess, but only inspirational golden shimmer of a Photoshop text effect.
Book Mockup Scenes by Pixelbuddha

Book Mockup Scenes

Let’s begin a new chapter in your showcase storytelling! Introducing this Book Mockup, that fits 6 scenes displaying possible book placements, editable covers, and some realistic shadow overlays.
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