Halftoner Engraving Effect



Blow the dust off your photocopier to produce unique designs in a halftone zine style! If you're easily agitated by the vintage and have a knack for retro items, we're sure this photo effect will be impressive enough. 
A little bit of newspaper letterpress, a pinch of pop art, sprinkled with the contemporary perception of graphics and digital images. It's this asset's recipe of success, give or take! In terms of effect adjustment, you’ll find 5 color filters added to paint your halftone miracles into premade palettes. The outcome doesn't leave any doubt about the produced impression as it's always a pure astonishment. A thousand words don't compare with a single experience, so come and get it!
The product is compatible with Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (and newer).
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 2 mb
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