Retro Photo Effect


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Old pictures possess immense nostalgic power, able to bring tears even to the toughest cookies out there. But what makes the vintage shots unique, and can the one ever make them purposefully?
There can be so many options, actually! It can be a withered palette, faded outlines, long exposure, little dust particles, some camera noise, or everything above-mentioned at once. To avoid unnecessary guessing, we took the liberty of adding every enumerated feature to this retro photo effect to ensure cozy goosebumps and smiles. You just add the image via the Smart Object and have it immediately aged, exposed, and faded with no tiresome manipulations. 
This resource is created, and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. For the best experience, we recommend to use the latest Creative Cloud version of the app.
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 79 mb