Ersota Futuristic Tech Font

Ersota Futuristic Tech Font

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What's as cute as WALL-E but still as brutal as Death Stranding? It's the Ersota, a futuristic font worth the best sci-fi masterpieces.
What we like most in futuristic and tech typography are clean lines and geometric glyphs that would suit any spaceship logo. And these are precisely the things you will find in Ersota. This monolinear display type conveys an unmistakable sci-fi vibe and includes over 220 glyphs: upper and lowercase letters, international characters, punctuation, and numbers. Despite featuring it in relevant projects, you can use the font in "regular designs" as well. For example, apparel prints, stickers, posters, or client branding. 
  • Format: OTF
  • Author: baqoos
  • Size: 1 mb