Ragy Bubble Font

Ragy Bubble Font
R a g y B u b


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You have no idea how much we love this font — it's fresh, cloud-like, and airy. As it should. If you are looking for something puffy and cushiony, that's exactly what you need. The name speaks for itself — bubble types are now all the rage!
This font combines graffiti boldness with bubble lightness. It's an all caps with neatly elaborated numerals being a cool way to create alluring titles and catchy headers. Perfect for magazine covers, posters, handouts, and even comic books. Yes, it is beautifully made, in the finest tradition of the mainstream and the counterculture — it leans hard into the visual flair that makes the comic book's style special.
  • Format: TTF, OTF
  • Author: Damelev
  • Size: 1 mb