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Bara Business PowerPoint Theme

19th June 2017
Bara Business PowerPoint Theme

Have all the tools for stratospheric success in a single product - over 130 slides of a presentation template all your needs and get you the attention and the interest of the community or the team.

Once you’ve got an idea, you’ve got a plan to realize it. And since you’ve got a magnetic PowerPoint & Keynote template, you’ve got the attention and the interest of the community, whether it’s your team or your seniors or your employers-to-be. You have so many elements at your service: tons of elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts editable in Excel and vector icons. Indeed, everything you need for a positive impression is covered in over 130 slides of a template - so customizable, minimalistic and clean. An eye-catching presentation in a few laidback clicks - isn’t it a triumph?

Format:PPTX, KEY
Size:22 mb

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