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Smudge Procreate Brushes Set

12th June 2018
Smudge Procreate Brushes Set
For Plus Subscribers

Charcoal, ink, watercolor, pencil and a great variety of many other materials – the most talented artists of Renaissance couldn’t even think of having all these crafting elements concentrated in one brush. And of course, to carry these materials on iPad.

The set of 18 brushes for smudging and blending is penetrated with mystery and blurred outlines. Add main values, then highlight them and concentrate attention on details with sharp paints. All effects and textures can be generated easily. The kit is a genuine solution for those, who work with shadows and shades. You can get rid of real brushes and come up with marvelous illustrations on your iPad. This is what your ancestors couldn’t even dream of!

Size:24 mb
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