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Statmen Statistic iOS UI Kit

12th May 2017
Statmen Statistic iOS UI Kit

We realize how important it is to take control of your insights, so we’re delighted to present 12 simple and clean iOS screens to assist with this important everyday task.

Everyone knows that behind any app made for iOS there’s pretty much to care about. To run the source effectively, you or your client should know how many people attend it and how they behave on this or that page. Do they make conversions or leave in a second - basically, that’s all about the statistics. We can’t change the way it functions, but we’re glad to bring it to you in a different way - with simple graphs, clean design, easy to edit or modify elements. Compatible with Adobe XD and PS, they’re right what you need to take a fresh look at your insights.

Format:PSD, XD
Size:2 mb

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