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Summer Child Graphics Set

7th May 2018
Summer Child Graphics Set

Summer is closer and closer, and we couldn't resist the temptation to bring you some hot vectors, so get ready to add some cute items to your personal vector graphics collection.

Watercolor flowers are definitely not everything, so get ready to add cute swimmers, flamingos, dolphins and many more to your personal graphics collection. These vectors are pure joy, and once we've embraced 20 illustrations and 7 backgrounds together, this set turns into a must-have if you are to create an eye-popping design for a t-shirt, banner, card, poster, stationery — or just to bring a few elements to your website or Instagram! Briefly, their fresh color palette and vibrancy are gonna be a gulp of fresh air on a hot July day, just try these vectors on.

Size:40 mb
Author:Helter Skelter

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