CRYPTIC — Mixed Media Set

CRYPTIC — Mixed Media Set
C R Y P T I C —

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Boris Vian's surrealism and handicraft sound incompatible? They don't! CRYPTIC is a graphics collection that combines incongruous elements, allowing the design of collages to be on the verge of common sense.

CRYPTIC was originally made to create baffling, perplexing scenes with Gzhel, beads, fabric, vintage cutouts, and bizarre backgrounds. This mixed-media set has embraced a striking variety of graphics, each carrying the artisan's touch and decadent surrealism. There are 37 objects, 20 backgrounds, 15 photos, 30 scans, and 10 premade compositions, all in PNG format, so you can explore them in Adobe apps, Procreate, Affinity, or any other software. 

  • Format: JPG, PNG
  • Author: nat_purple
  • Size: 1497 mb