Metamorphosis — Collage Elements Pack


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The Metamorphosis collection stands as a profound testament to the human spirit. It's an artful chronicle of transformation, beautifully depicting the tapestry of emotions.
The Metamorphosis pack serves as an indispensable tool for creators who seek to capture the essence of human evolution in their designs. Offering a staggering 222 PNG files, the elements in this collection are meticulously divided into six evocative phases. Starting with phase one, which represents depression and burnout in profound black, to phase two embodying denial and despair in a soothing blue. Phase three burns with anger and disappointment in intense red, leading to phase four which calms with reflection and acceptance in harmonious green. Phase five blossoms with inspiration and joy in vibrant yellow, culminating in phase six which symbolizes stability and well-being in a serene blue-green. Explore this palette of emotions, and craft designs that resonate deeply, telling tales of resilience, growth, and metamorphosis.

  • Format: PNG
  • Author: Natdzho
  • Size: 1457 mb