Boho Patterns and Objects


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Collect the pieces left from the crafty evening with paper and scissors, and grant them a second life! But this time, it will be something digital, made from Boho patterns and elements.

Y'know those little bits of collage you have left over after you're done with your crafty afternoon? Usually, they include the corner of the paper so ehhh, they're useless, right? Wrong! There's a way to use this pile of similar cut-offs. Turns out, they're pretty easy to put into anything. You have 18 seamless patterns, 24 objects, and 10 frames in both PNG and AI format. Boho looking packaging, clean graphics — and they look so satisfyingly different from any other collages. Get this set if you're after a clean boho look of your product, but you still want it to look less trendy and more unique.