We're happy to greet you in our Pixelbuddha Plus section. It is designed to bring you the most popular and high-quality design resources in the industry.

Pixelbuddha Plus Resources

We're happy to greet you in our Pixelbuddha Plus section. It is designed to bring you the most popular and high-quality design resources in the industry. All these hand-picked and exceptional resources available for our subscribers.

Toxic Flames Text Effect

Set your writings on fire with some acid chemicals sprayed all over them. Sounds like an excessive ecological disaster but in terms of this text effect, everything's safe and even beautiful.

Metallic Pin Badges Scenes

Discover the unique way of displaying your logotypes, emblems or monograms via the pin mockup scenes! They are realistic, versatile and multifunctional — everything you need to have for a perfect presentation.

Luminaire Script Font

Smooth curves, slightly melted on the edges by the warmth this handwritten font radiates. It also makes you think of summer, fancy chocolate package and maybe even retro t-shirts!

Glossy 3D Text Effects

The lettering's surface can remind of glass, bubbles, lollipops, polished metal and plastic. It can pass for any of these materials. Isn't it versatility in its most glaring manifestation?

InstaQuotes: Instagram Templates

Not sure what to post on your Instagram today? How about some unique ready-to-post story quotes? Here's the beautiful Instagram templates set that will make your job easier and your profile even more appealing!

Mystery Photoshop Effect

Make hazy graphics from any ordinary image! Capture dramatic and breathtaking suspense from thriller movies & the same emotional energy in a static form by working with this mysterious layer style for Photoshop.

Reflecting Metallic Logo Mockup

Have you ever been blinded by a metallic company’s logotype hanging on a skyscraper? It totally fulfills its purpose of being a magnet for your attention. Use this logo mockup to produce the same effect!

Architect Watercolor Photo Effect

Borrowed from blueprints and pencil forms built in the architect albums. What if a terse style obtains a playful form? Something less strict like watercolor will create a balance of chaos and order in one photo effect.

Elika Gorica Display Font

This display font was designed to be a typeface that is pleasant to read on screens. Having a refined touch, the typeface can give any headline an elegant appearance. Watch the merge of modern and vintage curves!

LOEIZA Grainy Gradient Textures

Follow the trends with this collection of vintage grainy gradient textures, put together to let you choose a retro-styled element for the next project you'll dive into. Diverse, versatile and so haute couture!

Risograph Grain Photo Effect

It's a true talent — finding something aesthetically remarkable in a commonly-recognized destroyed thing. But it definitely doesn't require having an eye for the beauty to acknowledge that a distressed halftone effect can look perfectly grunge and messy!

Mixed Art Photo Effect

Sometimes using everything you have is not too much: these fearless experiments result in pretty artistic projects. Watercolor splashed, smudges, hand-drawn scripts — combining them was a nice idea, don't you think?