Artista Brushes for Illustrator

Replacing all your pencils, brushes, pens, and liners is easy with our collection of only the most essential tools for digital drawing. This Artista Brushes edition for Illustrator will make your transition to digital materials as smooth as possible. 

'Cause the True artista doesn't need millions of digital brushes to switch between during the process: the 60 Illustrator brushes in the kit will do their job perfectly. Now, what exactly are you dealing with?

Scattering the paint dots in the chaotic order is what you have 10 spray brushes for. Shading and hatching is the 10 hatch brushes responsibility — those forms and volumes won't be created themselves, you know. For quick drawings, your hand will reach for 9 sketch brushes in the set, carried out with different kinds of intensity. Last but not least, 31 texture brushes, repeating various eccentric forms you might use for some artistic reasons of your own. Add there 10 grunge textures we've prudently included in the pack, and you've got yourself the irreplaceable collection, able to deal with all design intentions.

What's inside?

  • 9 sketch brushes;
  • 10 spray brushes;
  • 10 hatch brushes;
  • 31 texture brushes;
  • 10 grunge textures (EPS, PNG);
  • help file.


Don't hesitate to share your creative results, made with our Artista brushes on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter —  it's so inspiring to see these brushes in action.

Let's replace all your pencils, brushes, pens, and liners with our collection of only the most essential tools for digital drawing in Adobe Illustrator!



  • Format EPS, PNG, AI, PDF
  • Size 324.77 MB
Standard License
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