Misterio Shader Procreate Brushes

A misty memory, secret meaning, or hidden message — what’s lurking under the cryptic haze, shrouding the illustration? The longer one looks at the design created with Misterio Procreate Brushes, the more one’ll see. It will echo the feeling you put in your art, transforming and layer more to it, making the picture a hypnotizing puzzle that won’t let anyone escape its depth.

How-to-use Video Tutorial

Let us lift the veil of secrecy over this magical set. It includes 15 noise brushes, that will captivate your artistic heart and mind. They provide many options for grain intensity and sizes, allowing you to add an enigmatic vibe to the whole image. These brushes will make your graphics deep and charming, prolonging everyone who looks at them into the endless well of mysteries. The 3 pressure brushes will add an even more obscure feeling — they help create smooth color transitions and add volume to the composition. 
These brushes are touch-sensitive, so experiment with them and see how they change the mood of the graphics completely. But don’t try to solve the mystery enclosed within these brushes, just trust their vagueness and let it inspire you.
What’s inside?
  • 15 noise brushes;
  • 3 pressure brushes;
  • help file.
We don’t know how many secrets these Procreate brushes hold, but what we know for sure is that once you fall for their charm and inscrutability, there is no going back.



  • Format BRUSHSET
  • File size 3 MB
Standard License