Oil Paint Machine Action

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Do you want your "pittura" to repeat the classic celebrated oil painting styles of the great artistic masterminds? The magnificent skills, treated as a stroke of luck back in the day, can now be replicated with a single mouse click. Cast the magic on images and photos by running the Photoshop action, commemorating the time-honored oil painting techniques, brought fame to Dali, Picasso, Munch and other adherents of this art modus. All 3 featured styles enthrall with picturesque stroke-like outlines, merging colors, transforming photography into a piece of art!


Feast your eyes on the fascinating contrast between dark and elements, and let your painting glow with some simple manipulations. As classic artists used the Chiaroscuro technique to add volume to their paintings, you'll be able to add ultimate vibrancy as well.


Glazing is the process of applying a thin layer of translucent paint over a more opaque layer to create a realistic shiny touch or a deep shadow. It's told to be a tricky technique, but don't fear, as now you have an action to obtain in a sec.

Alla Prima

You're probably unfamiliar with this term, but we're sure you've heard of wet-on-wet, where layers of paint are applied atop wet layers of paint. That's how you can make blurry, soft shapes and add a classic art vibe to your imagery. Alla Prima is a technique of "express-painting" — however, who thought it could be even faster with a single action?

The best is yet to come as you're about to launch Oil Paint Machine action for the graphics to get remastered! No matter what style has caught the eye, don't resist the temptation to go to other ones from the pack, as they all deserve a chance to be exhibited in your presentations, social media shots, branding, identity designs, design portfolios and print-ready pieces.

What’s inside?

  • high-quality ATN file;
  • 3 oil painting styles;
  • help file.
Repeat the classic celebrated oil painting styles of the great artistic masterminds with Photoshop action, commemorating the time-honored techniques. Transform photography into a piece of art!



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