Hand-Drawn Affinity Brushes


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We took a look at our jaunty llama brushes and thought 'Hey, wouldn't it be nice to carry out the ones for Affinity?' Glad to introduce you to the third edition of Hand Drawn Brushes!

There've been some folks, wondering about the opportunity to have our glorious hand-drawn brushes for Affinity Designer. The pack you're looking at right now contains 20 vector and pixel brushes two essential Affinity formats. Besides, don't forget that all of them are accompanied by llama magic! You can draw these jolly fellas or any other illustrations for your projects, using a sponge, pastel, marker or noise brush. Decorate your advertisement projects, inspirational posters, social media posts, and invent logotypes, blessed with cuteness coming along with indispensability!

  • Size: 11 mb