Film Grain Photo Effect


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If you keep getting mesmerized by the aesthetics of black and white photography, a vintage-imitating asset is your must-have. So here is one, a grainy effect with a cinematographic touch. 
Working with black and white graphics might turn into a risky adventure: as you can end up with a too plain result if there were no dusty film grain sprinkles. Now, we are introducing a photo effect to close this gap and help you highlight the shadows and accentuate the dark outlines. Open the folder with your favorite portraits or interior shots and start exploring the backside of these pictures! 
You don't have to prepare an image with the black, and white filter applied: this effect will take care of a palette once you upload any graphics into the Smart Object Layer. In fact, there isn't much to be done to receive such a perfect vintage shot, able to amaze the target audience!
The product is compatible with Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (and newer).
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 45 mb