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3D Geometry Graphic Pack

11th December 2018
3D Geometry Graphic Pack
For Plus Subscribers

Catch a super handy graphic kit of primitive yet ingenious 3D elements! Their realism, mate surface geometry, and detailization with soft shadows cause a warm feeling of a perfectionism.

These 93 graphic elements complement a spectator's taste with their round edges, with which every piece is generously blessed. Such an atmosphere of volumetric space and soft decorations is so appealing and satisfying! No wonder we've been gazing at them for so long before this release. All objects are easy to use as well: drag & drop everything you want to the scene, customize everything and there you go! You have access to numerous squares, cubes, lines, spheres, triangles and more. Now you have to think of how great they gonna look in your posters, ads, web design projects, apps, and logos!

Format:PNG, ACV, ATN
Size:84 mb
Author:Graphic Treasury
Pixelbuddha Plus

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