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Modernist Milk Stencil Font

28th September 2018
Modernist Milk Stencil Font

We're happy to introduce you the universal font, looking good with thin scripts and sans-serifs! More importantly, it embodied the modernism and classics simultaneously, isn't it amazing?

Yes, it is! Because Modernist Milk Stencil Serif Font is exactly what we've described. The hard forms with soft round edges are so diverse and complementary in their expression — no doubt, it's a winning hand. Being a versatile font, it fits any logo or label design, takes part in working on a fashion blog or magazine and just represents a nice piece of attiring typography anywhere you place it. The font is packed with capitals, lowercase, numbers and punctuation so as to not leave any single detail without a proper touch!

Size:1 mb
Author:New Tropical Design

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