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Free Vector Resources

Free vector resources of the highest quality from well-known artists. Each set here is an extensive collection of graphic elements with bright and original appearance. Nature, animals, romance and many others — any kinds of graphics for your projects. All vector resources presented in AI and EPS formats.

23 November 2017

Being passionate about classic watercolors, we’re still open to the innovations — like acryl, for instance! Struck by its texture, we’ve realized it might be a great addition to your assets collection.

1 November 2017

Some fruit and vitamin C will do you so much good this windy autumn. So do discover juicy, vibrant versatility and energy of a graphic set made to complement your creative outbursts!

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27 October 2017

Beautify your branding with simple, yet so vibrant and animal logos. Perfect in any typeface combination, they unveil the brand’s nature and turn it into something more than just a logo.

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2 October 2017

Ready for a big “WOW”? It’s right the time! Discover untamed beasts of America, genuine vintage and the design you’ve always admitted to loving passionately.

Pixelbuddha Plus

Weekly updates bringing the best design resources to boost up your workflow.

Discover Plus
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22 September 2017

Why so serious? Frankly speaking, we’re just amazed to bring you these cute true-to-life vector creatures you can even create yourself with ease and absolute fun.

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8 September 2017

There’s something far rejoicing than any slice of autumn pumpkin! Meet tropical flowers and fruit, toucans and palm leaves conveying perfect summer vibes to your heart and see it for yourself.

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1 September 2017

Prepare for something special: we have collected the harvest of vector floral elements with geometric shapes, embracing the tenderest motives ever. Can’t miss this artistic beauty!

31 August 2017

Find yourself in open space and detect a typeface no one has ever seen before: fascinating vector galaxy-styled letters to bring you the taste of aerated Saturn rings!