Souvenir Postcard Mockup


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Small cardboard pieces, soaked in sentiments and feelings! Add there a graphic design note and you'll get the powerful basis for artistic experiments — versatile postcard mockups. 
There are tons of reasons for sending a postcard, right? Not that it has to be done solely from the other country; it'd be cute to receive a postcard without any reason. 
It's possible to use both A6 or 3,2x5 inch size postcard as they are prudently included in the package you'll get. We've worked on making some 3 new shadow overlays, elegantly advancing the parts of your work. Sign your postcards with silver or gold foil typography or make an emblem, sign, monogram with it. Reserved textures of 3 background options won't steal the attention from the focal point of your scene. Send out joy and excitement with every made postcard scene!
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 379 MB