Stacked US Magazines Mockup


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Still keep your collection of old magazines for casual scrolling to get a drop of inspiration? Let the others draw creative incentives from your works by looking at this magazines mockup! 
The carelessly stacked pile of magazines is something you usually see at the dentist's waiting room while you're passing the time before your appointment. It's evident that the situation simply forces you to look through this only source of entertainment. But what if these magazines had some attention-getting covers? Show everyone how it's done with this magazine mockup. 
Minimalistic setting grants the stack of magazines the title of a scene's focal point. Add your photos, images, ads, logotypes, and anything the project is about. Transfer the stage to a sunny summer or spring day via the shadow overlay, included in the package. Make the adjustments one by one, and the work will be done!
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 179 mb
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