Artista Affinity Designer Brushes

Have all the design software in the world and want to have the artistic brushes for each of them? It's not a shameful thing to wish for, especially when our team has taken care of providing access to the essential brushes for digital illustration. This release is dedicated to Affinity Designer, where you can go on drawing the most breathtaking images with our Artista Brushes!

Name the tool you usually draw with, and you'll see its equivalent in this collection. Pencil, dry brush, spray, pen, and all their variations have found the place right here to rescue the next artwork of yours. Any creative task will be accomplished with immense success, even if it's sketching, shadowing, hatching, or outlining. Developed by our illustrators, 60 Artista Brushes have proved to be the quintessence of all artistic demands a designer could have!

What's inside?

  • 9 sketch brushes;
  • 10 spray brushes;
  • 10 hatch brushes;
  • 24 texture brushes;
  • 7 pencil brushes;
  • 10 grunge textures (EPS, PNG);
  • help file.


Don't hesitate to share your creative results, made with our Artista brushes on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - it's so inspiring to see these brushes in action.

Name the tool you usually draw with, and you'll see its equivalent in this comprehensive collection of 60 brushes for Affinity Designer.



  • Format EPS, PNG, PDF
  • Size 143.11 MB
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