Lighthouse Liner Illustrator Brushes

Like the flash of a lighthouse cuts the aquatic darkness, each inky line crosses the clarity of canvas. It’s the spell of a fine liner: as a magic wand it turns the empty artboard into the endless space you’re navigating through or the boundless ocean to roam. Build the whole new graphic world with suitable tools — Lighthouse Liner Brushes for Illustrator.

All the complicated shapes and pictures originate in simple outlines and strokes, but very often these key details are already the complete form of beauty as in sketches! Remember the doodles you were making on the sheets of paper, napkins, boring textbooks, and furniture catalogs? We’ve gone through that creative phase too, so be sure these 72 Illustrator brushes are authentic!

There are 24 ink, 32 pat, and 16 dot brushes, drawing lines, waves, dashes, hatches, asterisks, dots, squares, zigzags, crosses, and more. But don’t rush into closing this toolkit once you try out all the brushes: there are 20 seamless patterns made with the same inky liner to suit the flawless style of your composition.

If you think that it’s not enough either, how about a little bonus? When the moment comes to draw the small details, open the mini-set of 8 brushes we’ve left. It’s exactly what you need, we promise.

We’re sure that our brushes will help you out in the project as the lighthouse rescues lost sailors! Don’t forget to share your works on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

What’s inside?

  • 72 Illustrator brushes;
  • 20 seamless patterns;
  • 8 bonus brushes for small details;
  • help file.
Remember your occasional doodles on the napkins? Now you can draw them in digital too, with these 72 authentic Illustrator brushes!



  • Format AI, PDF
  • Size 57.37 MB
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