Memories: Old Photo Effect

The Memories photo effect makes the clock go backward. It puts you in the past, where the time stands still and sepia tones and vintage vignettes beckon. The allure of this effect lies in its authenticity, evoking memories of dusty family albums and faded postcards, leaving viewers with a sense of warmth and longing.
Get ready for a journey through time captured in pixels. To make this voyage more convenient for you, we added 3 PSD files, each containing 6 meticulously crafted effects, complete with overlay textures and adjustable options. With 4 enchanting color variations and formats tailored for horizontal, square, and vertical compositions, this collection is your passport to an endless world of design possibilities!
What’s inside?
  • 3 high-quality PSD files;
  • 4500x3000 px, 300 dpi;
  • 3000x4500 px, 300 dpi;
  • 4000x4000 px, 300 dpi;
  • 6 photo effects;
  • different overlay textures and adjustments;
  • 4 color options.
This photo effect breathes life into the past with a touch of poetic nostalgia, offering designers a chance to craft captivating retro visuals.



  • Format PSD
  • File size 734 MB
Standard License